EZ-Burn Firelogs


A commitment to become a zero waste facility and many years of research and testing have resulted in a product we are extremely proud of: the EZ-Burn Firelog.


Using the saw dust shaken out of our premium wood shavings, we produce environmentally friendly firelogs - without the use of bonding agents or additives. In other words: 100% wood only, no glue or wax!



After much research and testing we managed to find the perfect moisture content and now produce this fantastic product with nothing but saw dust, pressure and heat. 


Our commitment to environmental protection includes using packaging made from recycled material, and owner Brian Bertoia personally inspects the logs for quality control before each shipment.



The EZ-Burn Firelog is great for outdoor cooking, campfires, wood stoves and much more - please check our specifications for a detailed description and more information.


For more information, or to find out about the opportunity to become a distributor of EZ-Burn Firelogs, please contact us!