EZ-Burn Firelogs Specifications


  • moisture content under 8%
  • ash content under 1%
  • BTU per 1 lb.   8000
  • no bonding agents
  • no additives
  • 100% pure wood fibre mean it's safe to cook with


  • no sparks
  • little smoke and less creosote
  • burn hotter and longer than regular logs
  • work well in older, less efficient stoves
  • carbon neutral
  • less storage space needed
  • environmentally friendly


  • each box contains 10 logs, firestarters and kindling
  • needs to be stored in a dry area - cannot get wet!



The EZ-Burn Firelog is suitable for woodstoves, firepits, campires, BBQs, fireplaces and outdoor pottery fireplaces / chimneas. 



Never use more than three logs at the same time, and ensure that air is circulating properly; never use a liquid starter fluid and keep combustibles away at all times.

As with any fire, the EZ-Burn Firelogs should not be left unattended while burning. 

Handle with care and always store in a dry area!


Contact us for more information or to inquire about the opportunity to become a distributor for the EZ-Burn Firelogs.