Nicola Valley Wood Shavings


Our premium wood shavings are part of our commitment to a zero waste operation at Nicola Post & Rail Ltd. Any leftover cuttings or unsuitable tree stumps are shaved down to obtain wood shavings for animal pens, especially horses. 


But we don't stop at just shaving down the wood - after the shaving process, the dust is shaken out. Horses prefer dust-free shavings, and as a zero waste facility we certainly have a use for the saw dust as well!



After production, our premium wood shavings are packaged (8 cu ft loose, 3 cu ft packaged) and prepared for shipping...


pictures courtesy of Telford Farms
pictures courtesy of Telford Farms


... and soon enough enjoyed as a premium bedding for horses and other animals!


Contact us for more information and check here to find out what happens with the leftover saw dust.